This is Chirp.

Chirp introduces a revolutionary payment – and marketing solution that is capable of supporting a whole new generation of business models and freeing up ways Consumers and Businesses interact. Chirp lets people connect directly in the airspace over the banking landscape. Without intervention of banks and other parties.

Chirp’s flight plan is about going back-to-basics. It’s the straightforward, un-convoluted transaction system that powers the Chirp App. The App that can be used in virtually any (payment) transaction scenario, the App that answers our continuously changing need, lifestyles and relationships with multi-value functionality and easy access for everyone.


By circumventing traditional bank systems, Chirp created a next generation payment solution with unseen levels of efficiency, versatility and convenience.

Transactions are instant and due to use of our smartphones and QR codes in the process, an omni-channel payment service is realized. All you’ll ever need for everyday transactions converges at Chirp; instore, online, on the go, by invoice or between other Chirp users.

Everybody should be able to benefit from Chirp’s international transaction platform. Whether we are payer or payee. Businesses can accept payments without the need for typical Point Of Sale (POS) hardware. Smartphones, tablets, laptops or cash registers with internet connection can do the job.

Payment chain integration translates into significant cost reduction. New business models that require micro-payments become now viable by Chirp’s extremely low transaction fees. Chirp combines easy access with a highly secure environment. Your money is safe and 100% backed. In accordance with strict financial rules and regulations Chirp has extensively been engaged in solutions preventing money laundering,  financing of terrorism and cybercrime in general.

Executing a micro-payment at vending machine

Interactive Marketing

Breaking away from the existing payment chain comes with additional benefits. Payments executed within Chirp’s uni-layer transaction system provides Chirp the freedom to enrich payments with a wide range of marketing solutions.

Chirp’s marketing services allow individual businesses to set up marketing campaigns on the fly to accommodate their specific needs. Without upfront costs or having to invest and manage third party customer card- or loyalty systems.

No Success, No Pay

Smart contract technology ensures Merchants’ marketing and loyalty programs costs are settled only at completion of a successful sales conversion transaction. Merchants only pay a small fee when revenue is actually generated; through payment with Chirp.

Now payment has become the new tool in the Marketing Mix of businesses. Without compromising consumer’s privacy merchants interact with customers and create transparent relationships. While merchants save on costs, consumers are freed from advertising overload and profit from controlling their own personal data.

Businesses can easily create joint marketing campaigns supporting and boosting (local) cross-selling opportunities. Cooperation between a Festival, Online Ticket Shop, Ferry Operator, local Bike Rental, Hotel and Café has become a breeze.

Multi Value

Chirp’s multi-role platform offers a host of features for both payment – and marketing services based on transferring value in the broadest sense of the word. All accounts in Chirp’s payment platform come with a so called ‘multi-balance’ feature. This enables users to maintain other value units than the regulated currencies in one single account. Think of Merchant Specific Value in euros or other credit units e.g. like stamps and miles in any denomination. The number of different types of value balances maintained under one account is virtually unlimited.

Whether users want to pay with traditional currencies, local currencies, gift card value, wish to exchange loyalty credits or want to share festival tokens with friends, Chirp takes care of it.

With it’s multi-value feature in mind, Chirp has been recognized as the ideal platform for both trading and making payments with cryptocurrencies. Although prepared for cryptos, Chirp does not support this type of currency at  this moment due to regulatory issues. However, we are open to accept cryptos in the future.



In-store payment at retailer POS

Early Bird Program

Chirp finds itself confronted by large players that jointly control the payment industry. Therefore, market introduction would require tremendous upfront budgets if Chirp were to follow the traditional marketing & advertising route.

At Chirp, we prefer a bottom-up marketing approach. We believe that the best way to gain quick and substantial market impact is when satisfied users spread Chirp’s word. That’s why we will launch the ‘Early Bird Program’ as our way to reward our users for their word-of-mouth ambassadorship. With this ongoing program, each user that takes part in Chirp’s transition of the payment industry will get rewarded for their contribution. For every single payment they make with Chirp. And when they introduce others, they will receive credits for their transactions as well. This is how Chirp saves on huge advertising costs. Budget that we rather share with our users.

Early Bird participants receive credits real-time when Chirp generates revenue through their efforts. Credits that convert to real euros that can be spent with merchants.

* Revenue consisting of transaction costs charged by  banks and other third parties in the payment industry in the Eurozone surpasses 1000 billion USD per year worldwide (KPMG, 2017).

Invest in Chirp

Chirp’s introduction to the general public is only a matter of time.

Initial, critical investment rounds have been completed successfully, the transaction platform has been tested and a solution for license acquiring has been procured. But full scale market launch requires additional funding. In the spirit of offering platform access to everyone, Chirp also arranged an investment opportunity for everyone.

For this purpose, Chirp is in the process of preparing a form of Public Offering through a fully regulated, next-generation exchange. Small minimum investment amounts make for a low threshold investment opportunity to businesses and individuals equally well.

At this moment we are finalizing the details of a prospectus and other offering documents. Contact us for more information.





For more information or receiving updates on Chirp’s developments, please contact us by filling out your contact details.

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